Treatment Program

Does This Describe You?

• Sad and Depressed
• Unmotivated and Low Energy
• Poor Concentration
• Use marijuana or alcohol in unsafe situations?
• Continue to smoke or drink even though it’s caused conflicts with others?
• Smoke or drink more in quantity or frequency than you used to?


Does this describe your marijuana or alcohol use?


All study participants will receive an evidence-based, standard treatment for marijuana and/or alcohol use for 12 weeks.
After 4 weeks of treatment, the individual’s depression will be re-evaluated.  If the depression is much improved, the participant will continue in the treatment for marijuana and/or alcohol use disorder.
If the depression has not improved, the participant will receive additional treatment from the same therapist for depression or will be referred to receive treatment in the community.
The individual will be assessed several times throughout and following the 12-week treatment.