Teen Depression

What is Depression?

Depression is an overwhelming feeling of sadness that interferes with daily living.
Depression is a disorder that develops in the brain.
Depression is very common and often under-diagnosed.
Most people who are depressed do not seek treatment, instead they live each day with the feelings of sadness.
Depression is caused by a combination of factors, including genetic, environmental, biological and psychological factors.

Symptoms of Depression May Include:

Ongoing feelings of sadness, hopelessness and emptinessteen_depression_image_2
Feeling negative all the time
Restless, Irritable, and/or Frustrated
Difficulty sleeping or sleeping all the time
Complete loss of appetite or overeating
Losing interest in activities that once brought you joy and pleasure, such as sports, spending time with friends, extra-curricular activities, etc.
Feeling tired all of the time
Physical aches and pains that cannot be attributed to an injury
Continuous headaches
Thoughts of suicide and/or suicide attempts

If you are Feeling Depressed-There is Help!